2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 Voting Event Starts Vote for Your Favorite Modder and Win Cool Prizes

2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 Voting Event Starts

Vote for Your Favorite Modder and Win Cool Prizes 


Taipei, TaiwanJanuary 23th , 2017Thermaltake, a leading brand in CaseMOD community, together with the premium partner Newegg Inc., has run the largest international modding event of the year, the 2016 Thermaltake Case MOD Invitational Season 2 for around five months. All participating projects are available to be checked on the “2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2” thread on Tt community (http://community.thermaltake.com/) and Thermaltake CaseMOD web site (http://casemod.thermaltake.com/2016s2/). Now is time to elect the winners! From January 20th until February 3rd is the Final Voting Event. Everyone is welcome to register on Tt Community, and vote for their favorite modders by using the desk version of Tt Community or the Tt MOD App. All you have to do is simply placing your vote in the voting thread. Once the vote is done, you will have a chance of winning awesome prizes from Thermaltake and other event sponsors. Thermaltake also offers up to $15,000USD cash prizes in total for the top 3 winners. The winners list will be announced in mid-February.

Vote for Your Favorite Modder to Win the Listed Prizes Each Week:
Modding Project Introduction Video:
Vote Now – http://casemod.thermaltake.com/2016s2/vote.html
Rules and Prizes – http://casemod.thermaltake.com/2016s2/rules_prizes.html
Download Tt MOD App on the App Store – https://goo.gl/qmXMOy 
Download Tt MOD App on Google Play – https://goo.gl/pfVwHb
Event Review
Thermaltake is proud to invite twelve of the world’s top modders from the United States, Ecuador, Brazil, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia to participate in the event. Contestants were required to use Thermaltake liquid cooling components and the Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Titanium smart power supply to transform the Core X71 Full Tower Chassis or the Core X5 ATX Cube Chassis. Participating modders were also given the choice of building a single or dual system with an unlimited selection of Thermaltake products to transform and install onto their creation. All modding progress is published on “2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2” thread on the Tt Community: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/forum/77-2016-thermaltake-casemod-invitational-season-2/   

How to Vote and Voting Rules
Tt Community
A weekly voting event will be held on the Tt Community forum and prizes will be given out to members who vote. People can choose to vote via the desktop version or Tt MOD App. The total percentage of the score allocated to Community voting is approximately 25%, with 25% by Thermaltake, 25% by professional modders, and 25% by Newegg.
The Tt Community platform (http://community.thermaltake.com/) is open to all users. We welcome you to join us by interacting and sharing valuable information and experiences with one another. Most importantly, your opinions and ideas will help us better understand your desires and expectations of our products and services. Don’t hesitate; come register and vote for your favorite modder right away!
For more details on the 2016 Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational Season 2 please visit:

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