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Urban S21 VP800A1W2N
Reviewed by : LAN OC Date : 2013/07/26

"The Urban S21 from Thermaltake is a mid-tower value offering enhanced by certain additions and marred by others. The front panel is simply designed with no frills and component installation is refreshingly easy and hassle free. Components feel secured in place the tool-free twist locking mechanisms make drive installation a breeze. The management clips are something new and a feature I would welcome in more cases as well as the dual USB 3.0 front panel."

"Thermaltake is known for its quality case designs and some of that pedigree is shown in the Urban S21."


Urban S21 VP800A1W2N
Reviewed by : Pro Clockers Date : 2013/06/17

 Yes, the Urban S21 is a refined case but if is still capable of servicing those that are looking for a modest gaming rig. There is plenty of room for multiple long video cards and plenty of space for a decent amount of mechanical storage devices and we know many gamers and enthusiasts are into water-cooling. With the S21, you can take advantage of the many 120mm mountable all-in-one coolers like the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer and Pro. Not into water? Well, there is plenty of width in the case to support some large air-coolers like the Thermaltake Frio series.


Urban S21 VP800A1W2N
Reviewed by : Vortez Date : 2013/04/05

Thermaltake’s new approach with the Urban series is sure to gather plenty of attention. The S21 is a good entry level case for those on a tight budget. S21 just attains our Silver award and we look forward to seeing more of the Urban series.


+ Simplistic design
+ Affordable
+ Tool-free installation
+ Low-noise fans