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Level 10 GT Snow and Level 10 GT LCS

In 2009, Thermaltake launched the Level 10 which won red dot design award 2010

and Taiwan Excellence Award 2010, completing the list of winning all global design awards. In 2011 CES, Level 10 GT made its first debut and followed the record of original Level 10 to win the prestigious red dot design award 2011. Creating the best user experience is always the goal of Thermaltake, thus in 2011 Computex, Level 10 GT Snow edition and Level 10 GT LCS are introduced to amuse all the users.

The design language of the Level 10 GT Snow expresses a passion for visual aesthetics combined the dark black and pure white to give all users a new visual experience. The Level 10 GT Snow edition is more than just a high-end case, but rather a true piece of art, allowing gamers and enthusiasts to experience the power of their high-end computers through the design itself. In order to achieve this, iconic design is combined with optimum functionality and innovative details.

Being the industry-leading brand in PC thermal management, Thermaltake created Level 10 GT LCS, the Level 10 GT with built in specialized liquid cooling system. The integrated LCS is the new generation drive bay liquid cooling system, consisted of an all inclusive drive bay unit and intelligent interconnecting water block. Moreover, the slim waterblock was developed with Redundant Micro Channel Design that effectively divides water flow into micro channels to accelerate heat transfer. Also, the Dimple Tube Technology of the radiator increases the turbulence within the radiator to perform maximum cooling action. And the P500 pump pushes 500L/H of water to improve the overall cooling efficiency and performance level. Furthermore Ultra quiet pump, 12CM blue LED fan and water reservoir are all preinstalled inside the drive bay unit to achieve maximum performance.

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