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Thermaltake Technology 【Triple Power Brands Press Conference in South East Asia】 Showcases sustainable technology solutions

Thermaltake Technology, a leading developer and innovator to provide the enjoyment of the entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle, is the owner of the four brands: Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS, LUXA2, and Tt APOLLOS professional e-Sports team, and as such has been serving users’ needs in broad areas such as PC DIY, professional gaming and respective gear, as well as Apple accessories. Thermaltake Technology keeps carrying on the spirit of continuous brand innovation to initially hold a joint launch event - “Triple Power Brands Press Conference in South East Asia” in Thailand on March 9.
(Thermaltake Triple Power Brands Event in South East Asia website:

Thermaltake is presenting a number of series-production of Thermaltake Level 10 GT、Frio OCK、Toughpower Grand;Tt eSPORTS MAKA G1 pro-gaming keyboard、Black Element pro-gaming mouse、SHOCK ONE and SHOCK SPIN pro-gaming headset;LUXA2 Pure Carbon Case series、iPad stand、iPad portable holder etc. -the brand has inherited the bright halo and passion of the sun emblem which symbolize Thermaltake Technology’s faith to lead the industry, thus extending the standards of products and services for a brighter future!

For the past 11 years since the establishment, Thermaltake Technology steadily leads the PC DIY market, never set boundaries due to the persistence in brand value as a pioneer leader to guide the trend, thinks over and creates the customers’ comprehensive needs for entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle. Having observed the trend of Apple accessories and e-Sports gaming, Thermaltake has launched the brand of LUXA2 in 2009, and established the first professional gaming gears brand in TeSL (Taiwan e-Sports League): Tt eSPORTS and the professional e-Sports team Tt APOLLOS, becoming the first choice brand for experts.

Thermaltake Technology has established dedicated branch offices and service centers worldwide in Australia, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Russia and the USA, with more than 150 regional distributors and over 4,000 premium resellers. All product planning is orientated by observation of global PC peripheral market and understanding of consumer demands. Thermaltake Technology creates direct contact opportunities with resellers and consumers by participating in major global IT exhibitions and trade shows every year, and also develops creative marketing strategies for new product promotions. At the same time, Thermaltake Technology incorporates a composite marketing system by making branch offices and regional distributors both the distribution channel and technical support or service center, to provide most instant support and service to consumers, maintain close contact with end users, and strengthen corporate competitiveness.

Sustainability is a long term trend at Thermaltake Technology. “Going forward, Thermaltake Technology’s new culture will impact everyone’s enjoyment, from entertainment and eSports to the technologies that we touch in our everyday lives. Our company has evolved to meet the challenge of business in the 21st century,” said by the CEO of Thermaltake Technology, Mr. Kenny Lin. “We recognize that our most important asset is our team. That team has a common DNA. Our DNA is made up of 3 fundamental components—courage, passion and perseverance. In the future, we will use these attributes and cultural guiding principles to make sure everything we do is centered on delivering the perfect user experience.” said Lin.

The vision of 2011 will be fulfilled by building Thermaltake Technology into “a cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle”, and regard this as the main target to seek for another breakthrough, exceeding the passion and expectations of worldwide consumers who cherish Thermaltake Technology.


CEO and President of Thermaltake Technology

LUXA2 in Thermaltake Technology Triple Power Brands Press Conference in South East Asia

Thermaltake Technology Triple Power Brands Press Conference in South East Asia

Tt eSPORTS has strong linkage with the local eSports teams in Thailand

Thermaltake in Thermaltake Technology Triple Power Brands Press Conference in South East Asia